What is the Urban Regatta?
The Urban Regatta is an arts festival that celebrates biking and the Downtown Atlanta community. It showcases the small businesses and people who live, work, and play downtown. There’s an artist’s market, gallery tours, plenty of food and drinks, more drinks, live music, (maybe) and it’s all for CHARITY!! We’re raising money for the John Hope STEAMsports….Oh, and we also take bikes and dress them up like boats and race them through the downtown streets. That’s important.

What is a BikeBoat?
You take a bike and dress it up like a boat.

That looks like it’s really hard to build?
Technically not a question but, IT’S NOT!! We put together this handy video which contains plenty of tips and tricks from our master ship/bike-builders. You can find it and our list of rules and regulations here.

What does it cost?
Attendance is FREE!!! If you want to join in the race (and you should), then you have to register your bike. Registration is $50. Included with your registration you’ll get a limited edition Urban Regatta ATL t-shirt for the captain and 15% off Urban Regatta merch for you crew, a schwag bag from our sponsors, free parking for the day of the event, and an overwhelming sense of pride and well-being.

How do I register my BikeBoat?
You can do that right here.

How the hell am I supposed to get my bike to Castleberry Hill?
I’m not here to teach you how to ride a bike but If you need to throw it in the back of a truck then we’ve got a free, secure parking spot for your vehicle included with your registration!

What/Where the hell IS Castleberry Hill?
It’s the awesome arts and loft district nestled cozily into downtown (where you tailgate for United/ Falcons games. Yes people live there).

What exactly is the John Hope STEAMsports?
John Hope aims to provide science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) exposure, engagement, and education to youth in underserved communities.

Is it family friendly?
YES! But your kid’s may be exposed to adults acting like children, adults drinking like pirates, and yes…ART. And i do mean ART.

September 21st, 2024, noon – 7pm


Boat Show from Noon – 3pm  |  We sail at 3pm

12:00 pm
Event Starts


Festivities begin with #BikeBoat Show, Entertainment, Artists Market and Pop Up Art. Ports of Call and One Crazy Summer Game registration open.

1:30 PM
Kid’s Urban Regatta
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3:00 pm
Regatta Heats


Regatta heats begin and launch every 5 minutes. Ports of Call Watch Parties and Live Commentary from the stage. Who will win the Urban Regatta cup??

5:00 pm
Winners Announced


Regatta and Boat Show winners announced on stage followed by live music.

6:00 pm
Game Closes


One Crazy Summer Game closes. Live music.

6:45 PM
Game & Contest Winners Announced


One Crazy Summer Game and Video Montage Winners Announced. Final announcements.

7:00 PM
Event Ends


Ports of Call and Pop Up Art events continue.