Bottle Rocket ATL Presents

the 12th Annual 3rd Ever Urban Regatta

September 30th, 2023  |  Noon – 7pm


September 30th, 2023  |  Noon – 7pm


We can thank the Venetians for the term regatta (aka a contest) and the French for the montage (aka assembly or editing.) A montage is a series of separate images, edited together to create a continuous sequence of storytelling joy. They say a lot over a short span of time by juxtaposing different shots, compressing time through editing, or intertwining multiple storylines of a narrative.


Film is art and art is the anchor of every boat in the Urban Regatta. Teams can compete to win a $100 gift certificate to Bottle Rocket, based on the number of views at the end of the Urban Regatta festival (September 30, 2023; 6PM)


Your montage will live in infamy, inspiring generations of urban sailors and crews to join the fastest growing sport in the greater Castleberry Hill Metropolitan Area. Here are some tips to work smarter not harder:

  1. Keep it under 90 seconds and make it concise.  Avoid using too many shots or lingering on any one shot for too long. Lean into the cliches. High-fives mean success. Dropping something or spilling pain then laughing means you’re all best friends having a good time. Connect with your audience with things they identify with like drinking, pop culture references, etc.
  2. Plan it. Storyboard it. Know the vibe. We don’t recommend filming the actual bike build and piecing together your story with the film and photos you collect. Decide what you want to achieve with your montage. Will it tell the story of your boat and/or your crew? Will you incorporate parody/satire? What type of emotion do you want the audience to have when they watch it? Which leads us to…
  3. Choose the right music. You know this already but let’s just get it down here for full effect: it’s all about song choice. There is no montage without music. Choose a piece of music that fits the mood and tone you’re going for, and that will help elevate the emotions you want to convey. Make sure to note- you don’t own the music! 
  4. SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! Choose shots that are visually interesting and support your theme and storyline. Avoid using shots that are too similar or repetitive, and try to create a sense of progression or change throughout the montage. We should feel like we’ve been a part of the journey with you and your crew.
  5. Pro-tip: Edit with precision. A great montage is all about pacing and timing. Cut your shots together in a way that creates a sense of rhythm and flow, and use pacing to build tension or release emotion.
  6. When and Where to Post.  Build your cheering section with social media and invite your friends, coworkers and family members to support you as you sail the asphalt waves at the Urban Regatta. Post your #BikeBoatBuild Video Montage anytime between June 16-September 30th. Make sure to tag and hashtag us!!
  7. Tag & Hashtag.  Tag @UrbanRegattaATL and use #urbanregattaatl2023
  8. You will be judged. Let the fans speak! At the end of the Regatta we’ll see the most popular #BikeBoatBuild Video Montage by the number of likes, shares and comments. 
  9. Winner! Winner! The winning montage will be announced the following Saturday, October 7th via social media. We’ll contact the winners directly to receive their $100 gift card to Bottle Rocket Fine Foods and Beverages.
  10. The Right to Use in Promotions. The winning montage and crew will be featured in our promotions for the Urban Regatta 2024 on Saturday, September 28, 2024.

    Deadline is September 22nd, 2023 – don’t miss out on giveaways and hidden #BikeBoat awards! Sign up now!
    The event is FREE to attend! Only those wishing to build their very own #BikeBoat must register!